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Data Source: Latest monthly/quarterly data released by National Bureau of Statistics of China, and provincial, municipal bureaus of statistics.
Main Functions: Monthly/quarterly data search; analyse statistical data in Excel.

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Monthly Data:

   Indicators of Statistical Communiqué in China in 2011(2011)   Value of Key Imported Commodities(2012,1)
   Statistical Bulletin for Freight Supervision(2012,1)   Statistical Table for National Stock Exchange(2012,1)
   Total Value of Import and Export Commodities by Different Trade Modes(2012,1)   Sales Price Indices of Residential Buildings in Beijing(2012,1)
   Transportation in Shanghai(2012,1)   Residents Accepted by Star Hotels in Beijing(2012,1)
   Completion of Major Indicators of National Railways(2012,1)   Income and Expenditure Statement of Credits in Foreign Exchange in Financial Institutions (by Department)(2012,1)
   Total Value of Import and Export in Major Nations (Regions)(2012,1)   Price Indices of Newly Constructed Commercial Residential Buildings in Seventy Large and Medium-sized Cities(2012,1)
   Statistical Table for Deadline of Trade in National Interbank Borrowing Market(2012,1)   Income and Expenditure Statement of Credits in RMB in Large-scaled China-funded National Banks(2012,1)
   Statistical Table for Deadline of Pledge Repurchase of Bonds in National Interbank Market(2012,1)   Enterprises Commodity Price Indices(2012,1)

Quarterly Data:

   Indices of Urban Residents' Confidence on Income and Price Level(Quarter 4,2011)   Indices of Bankers' Confidence and Banking Business(Quarter 4,2011)
   Sheet for Entrepreneur Confidence Index and Business Climate Index(Quarter 4,2011)   GDP(Quarter ,2011)
   Different Areas Growth Rate of Industrial Added Value(Quarter ,2011)   Quantity and Value of National Key Export Commodities(Quarter ,2011)
   Life of Urban Residents in Guangxi(Quarter 4,2011)   GDP of Hunan(Quarter 4,2011)
   Zhejiang Business Climate Index(Quarter 4,2011)   Completion of Major Indicators of National Railways(Quarter ,2011)
   Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods(Quarter ,2011)   Consumer Price Index of Beijing(Quarter ,2011)